…the idea of equality, far from being on the decline, continues to make headway. It is in the name of this idea that socialism, which seems destined to enslave before long the majority of Western peoples, pretends to ensure their welfare – Gustave Le Bon (The Psychology of Peoples)

It is barely a century and a half ago that certain philosophers, who, it should be remarked, were very ignorant of the primitive history of man…propounded the idea of the equality of individuals and races. This idea, which would naturally be most attractive to the masses, ended by firmly implanting itself in their mind, and speedily bore fruit. It has shaken the foundation of the old societies, given birth to the most formidable of revolutions, and thrown the Western world into a series of convulsions, the end of which it is impossible to foresee – Gustave Le Bon (The Psychology of Peoples)