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Shame on the author and his publisher.

The thievery is just appalling and gratuitous. We find no mention of the three pioneers in the subject of Catastrophism, the great geniuses Ignatius Donnelly, Comyns Beaumont and Immanuel Velikovsky.

The latter is probably one of the most ridiculed scholars who ever lived, even though every one of his controversial theories about the upheavals in the solar system have been proved correct. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Swank Hank to salute or credit him.

But this is what passes for “scholarship” today; a case of feral alley cats grabbing the fish and running. It’s a case of scavenger research; airbrushing the names of great men from the canvas, and sticking one’s own scrawl there instead, hoping that so much time has passed that no one will notice the consummate plagiarism. Swank Hank is a pass-master at it, although in this case it’s extra contemptible.

In the same way that the narcissist David Wilcock (“Willy the Weasel”) blatantly stole the theories of Rand Flem-Ath, on the subject of Antarctica, so has Hancock magpied the works of three awesome intellects of past times. In both cases, no credit or citation was forthcoming, which tells you everything about the sickening vanity of these crumbs.

Comyns Beaumont predated the peddler Hancock by decades:

See his “Mysterious Comet” published in 1932, and ask yourself where this shameless plagiarist comes off telling the world that he and a team of 60 modern-day “experts” now confirm that an age of catastrophe actually existed? They rode into town on the goddam last bus, to lick up the crumbs of other men’s sumptuous feasts of wisdom. And we lay out the red carpet for their asses, throwing laurels before their unworthy feet.

In 1950 the great catastrophist Immanuel Velikovsky wrote one of the most comprehensive and revealing books on earth cataclysm, “Worlds in Collision.” He also authored the masterly “Earth in Upheaval” and “Ages in Chaos,” making three titanic works on cometary destruction effecting every aspect of earthly existence. He gets NO mention, not even in the Bibliography or Index. Shame on the publishers. They are as perfidious as the author.

Before Beaumont and Velikovsky was Ignatius Donnelly, who wrote two classics on the subjects of Atlantis, ice ages and catastrophe before the twentieth century began. The two books are “Atlantis: The Ante-Diluvian World,” and “Ragnarok: Age of Fire and Gravel.” Date of publication, 1882.

There is also no mention of the great Barry Fell, who wrote “America BC” and “Saga America.” Hank’s book is titled “America Before.” A coincidence of course.

More recently, in the ’90s came two immense works on this subject from top Cambridge and Oxford geologists Allen and Delair. Their books are “When the Earth Nearly Died,” and “Cataclysm.”

How much do you want to bet that both books are to be found in Hancock’s home library, thrown into that special corner of books labeled “…to be plagiarized later…after I’ve run out of ideas?”

I’m sickened to my stomach and can’t continue. I can only implore readers to purchase each book mentioned above, and never forget these predecessors who made no millions from their works, suffered worldwide ridicule and died in obscurity. Don’t allow stinkers to regurgitate their ideas WITHOUT CREDIT AND CITATION. Don’t be party to the crime.

Intellectual dishonesty is one of the worst offences. It’s not allowed in universities, and should not be allowed in open society, just because the author gets his books onto best seller lists and window displays in prominent bookshops, sitting back with his self-satisfied insider-smile, basking in the glow of other men’s light.

Before he took up his Indiana Jones wannabe career, the great and noble Swank Hank was press secretary for an Ethiopian dictator and mass murderer (Mengistu Haile Mariam). Practically every reference to this has been dutifully scrubbed from the internet, and interviews where he was directly confronted on his notorious past (such as on Hard Talk, or something like it) strangely can’t be found. Friends in high places it seems.

After so many years, it appears he hasn’t change his spots. Once again he and his publishers and many ghost writers (that he also fails to credit) have shrink-wrapped the ideas of mighty intellects, slopping it out before a gormless public.

Bring back the stocks.

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