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The Moral Universe 2

  What is the connection between shame and the Moral Universe? In what way does our despair prove the case for the Moral Universe? What...

The Thule Society

Join Michael for a unique perspective on the secret societies and bizarre occult ideas behind the rise of Nazism. Primary References Thule Society Vril Society Teutons Ariosophy Armen Runes German Order Edda...

Episode 220: Man Down: The Future of Masculinity (with John Cooper)

John Cooper joins Unslaved to talk about his work & research into the war against men and masculinity. What are the correct responses to...

Episode 212: The Feminism Fraud

In Michael book “Adultism: The Reign of the Terrible Mother,” there are at least five powerful critiques of Feminism and the claims of the...

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