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Episode 211: The Hero & The Herd (The Future of Masculinity)

What constitutes a heroic personality type? What constitutes the unheroic type? In this presentation, Michael cites Diane West’s “Death of the Grown-up” book and...

Episode 204: Exploring the Unconscious

Michael and David discuss Michael’s article “World in Your Head: Exploring the Unconscious,” which delves into how thinking and consciousness has changed throughout the...

Episode 195: Psychology of the Terrible Mother (With Caroline Reilly)

Caroline Reilly returns to Unslaved to discuss the psychology of the Terrible Mother. How does her influence impact the home and society? Other topics...

Episode 181: Orpheus Undead (A Conversation)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Join us for a discussion about Michael’s latest article “Orpheus Undead,” based on the movie Orpheus by French...

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