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Episode 114: Sage vs. Psychopath (Part 2)

Download MP3 (Right Click "Save File As") In Part 2 of Sage versus Psychopath, Michael takes us on an insightful journey through psychology, sociology, politics,...

Episode 105: Mental Martial Arts (with Eric Fought)

https://vimeo.com/303998008/17bc221e60 Download MP3 (Right Click "Save As") Author and martial artist Eric Fought speaks about his insights into the spiritual meaning of martial arts. Subjects discussed...

Episode 78: The Hero

https://vimeo.com/270976417/d4b9c7e690 Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Michael and David discuss heroism and the archetype of the Hero. What are the positives and negatives of...

The Myth of Mental Illness

Episode 53 - The Myth of Mental Illness Subscribe Now To Get The First Hour Of Every Podcast For Free JOIN NOW Michael and David begin their...

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