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Episode 125: Mythmaker: The Deceits of Josephus (with Ralph Ellis)

Download MP3 (Right Click "Save File As") Program References Ralph Ellis (Site) Ralph Ellis (on Amazon) Ralph Ellis (Channel) Ralph Ellis (Patreon) Josephus Flavius Gospel of Luke Acts of the Apostles Parthian Empire Armenia Nabateans Herodians Joseph...

Episode 99: The Grail Cypher (Cont’d, with Ralph Ellis)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Ralph Ellis returns to Unslaved to continue discussing his book The Grail Cypher. Who was King Arthur? Is...

Episode 66: Islam the Danger (with Ralph Ellis)

https://vimeo.com/257415730/26acb1e204 Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Michael and David welcome back preeminent author and researcher Ralph Ellis, for a discussion on his experiences during...

The Grail Cypher Series (with Ralph Ellis)

https://vimeo.com/220094978/117072953a https://vimeo.com/220094979/496ddfe0fa https://vimeo.com/220095112/9be2a4407e https://vimeo.com/220095141/1f6769e359 https://vimeo.com/220095233/86479ca410 https://vimeo.com/220095355/3349fd8d6d https://vimeo.com/296287304/aa0e44f4dd  

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