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The Monstrous Feminine 2 (The Criminal History of Womankind)

Join Michael for Part 2 of Monstrous Feminine, a one of a kind investigation into the criminal history of womankind, focusing on women's age-old...

The Monstrous Feminine 1 (Goddesses of Blood)

Michael presents The Monstrous Feminine, Part One. In this one of a kind series Michael investigates the criminal history of womankind, the most taboo...

Episode 161: The Monstrous Feminine (Part 2 with Caleb Colley)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") David and Caleb comment on Michael’s ground-breaking presentation The Monstrous Feminine, adding movie suggestions and themes to enhance our...

Episode 158: The Monstrous Feminine (Part 1)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") In this 3.5 hour magnum opus, Michael takes us back to the early and mid ‘90s, to his...

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