Michael Tsarion

PictureRaised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the height of the “Troubles,” Michael began his revisionist studies by analyzing subliminal images in pop videos, billboards and magazine ad copy. He also began studying criminology and satanic cults after a spate of bizarre ritualistic murders occurred in Belfast in the mid-1970s.

After twice visiting the United States in the early eighties, Michael ventured out into the field to make a close study of Ireland’s numerous ancient cyclopean ruins and megalithic sites. This research proved invaluable and provided him with clear evidence of a “hidden hand” at work behind academia, religion and the socio-political world. His interest in Ireland’s past was chiefly inspired, in 1978, by the music of Andy Irvine and by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, author of the outstanding Book of Conquests. Jim has since complimented Michael on his works.

Brought up by staunchly Marxist parents, Michael became intimately aware of the fraud of Socialism from an early age. He was also convinced that the story of the First and Second World Wars had been utterly misconstrued by the media. The calculated destruction of Celtic, Germanic and Nordic culture remains a central interest.Picture

Through his association with the Paul Solomon Foundation and his own world-renowned grandfather, Tara Singh, Michael witnessed at close hand key figures and orgs in the “New Age Movement,” and was able to see not only the movement’s occult underpinnings but its ability to create specific forms of delusion and magical child syndrome in those who blindly follow most Eastern and New Age precepts and personalities.
After a third short visit to the United States, in 1988, Michael moved permanently to the Bay Area in late 1989. Thereafter, for ten solid years, he studied film, philosophy and esoteric subjects intensely, eventually leading to his first television and radio appearances in 1998. That same year he created his first website, taroscopes.com, which featured his Taroscopic Mystery School. The website and online school are dedicated to the research and advancement of the four great Hermetic arts, and accepts members from all parts of the globe.
Michael’s tutorials in the Divination Arts began in 1997 in the San Francisco Bay Area. These weekly in-person classes on his Taroscopic System continued after his move to Seattle in 2001. Classes in the Washington area continued for three years. During these years, Michael also gave many public talks at conferences and other venues throughout the West Coast. As other projects demanded attention, his Astrology and Tarot classes moved exclusively online.

Michael’s reputation was significantly boosted when he gave his first large public talk on September 2000 at the Bay Area UFO Expo.

The following year, he was invited to speak at a major conference in Seattle Washington. Thereafter he was invited by Peter Davenport and MUFON executives to give lectures and classes in the Puget Sound area.

Veterans of the revisionist community, such as Richard Hoagland, Anthony Hilder, Roger Leir, Jim Marrs, Lloyd Pie, Ken Thomas, Jeff Rense, George Noory, Ted Gunderson, and many others, praise Michael’s unique perspectives and delivery. Several times a year he has been invited to give presentations on controversial topics. He has also been a frequent guest on numerous popular radio talk shows.

In 2002, Michael wrote and published his first book, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation. It was widely acclaimed by veterans in the fields of Ufology and Paranormal studies.

In 2004 Michael began work on the Origins and Oracles series. He produced 6 programs with over fifty hours of eye-opening revelations on Atlantis, Symbolism, and other subjects

In 2005 Michael began work on his second book, The Irish Origins of Civilization, a magnum opus in two volumes, dealing with the true but long-suppressed history of Ireland and the West. Michael also wrote and narrated a multi-hour program on the same subject.

In 2006 Michael appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel’s program “Quest of Atlantis.” That same year he was interviewed by Brent Miller for the “Horizon” series on ancient catastrophe and pole shifts. In recent years he has been repeatedly invited by the History Channel and other mainstream programs and channels.

In 2007 Michael wrote his third book, Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology, and subsequently toured Britain, Europe and Australia, giving one-of-a-kind presentations on:

  • The Western Magical Tradition
  • The Hermetic Arts of Divination
  • Atlantis & Prehistoric Civilizations
  • The Occult History of Ireland
  • The Druids and Tree Worship
  • Astro-Theology
  • Subversive Symbolism
  • Symbolic Literacy
  • Psychic Vampirism
  • Germanophobia
  • The Female Illuminati
  • Western Mysticism and Idealism
  • The War on Consciousness

In 2009 Michael released the acclaimed film Architects of Control, which predicted the course of future history and the advent of so-called Post-Human World. The program emphasized that the new millennium signals the end of one phase of humanity and the beginning of a new dystopian phase.

In recent years Michael’s has continued to produce over a dozen separate websites and channels. His output on conspiracy, psychology and philosophy, etc, includes numerous articles as well as the following books:

  • Disciples of the Mysterium (2012)
  • Trees of Life (2012)
  • Path of the Fool (2013)
  • Cards on Houses (2016)
  • Schelling: Understanding German Idealism (2016)
  • Dragon Mother: A New Look at the Female Psyche (2017)

In 2014 Michael produced The Female Illuminati, a seven-hour plus magnum opus offering a unique and controversial perspective on the origin of the world’s most powerful secret societies.

In 2017 Michael completed his inspiring Path of the Fool series on the symbolism of the Major Arcana. He is now concentrating on producing exclusive top-drawer content for Unslaved’s premium members.

Michael is presently based in Seattle, Washington.

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