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Episode 132: Secrets of the Pyramid

https://vimeo.com/342577397/fb197fe75b Download MP3 (Right Click "Save File As") In this episode, Michael and David review some of the best books, new and old, on the subjects...

An Address to the Dead

An Address to the Dead by Michael Tsarion I rejected that hardened, sullen-tempered Pharaoh of England forever...and disdain the wretch - Thomas Paine (diatribe against King George III) The "WAR ON TERRA" is merely the latest move in the great game played out by the Atonist Establishment - the Royals and Jesuit-Masonic sorcerers - who [...]

Power of the Templars

POWER OF THE TEMPLARS All revolutionaries and murderers since then had been part of a single 'Templar' society - including Cromwell, the murderer of Henry IV of France, conspirators in Portugal, Brazil and Sweden, and of course Robespierre and Danton - Edward Burman (The Assassins: Holy Killers of Islam) In my program The Female Illuminati [...]

The Constitution Con

The Constitution Con (A Sad Tale of Parchment Idolatry) by Michael Tsarion The first function of the founders of nations, after the founding itself, is to devise a set of true falsehoods about origins - a mythology - that will make it desirable for nationals to continue to live under common authority, and, indeed, make [...]

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