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Episode 75: The Fall of Iran (with Jason Reza Jorjani)

https://vimeo.com/267176072/d05020cc49 Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Author and activist Jason Reza Jorjani returns to Unslaved to speak about his Iranian heritage and the history...

Episode 172: The Grail Cypher (Cont’d, with Ralph Ellis)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Ralph Ellis returns to Unslaved to continue conversing about his revisionist work on the enigmatic Arthurian Legend. We...

Episode 171: Does God Have An Unconscious? (A Conversation)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") David and Michael discuss Michael’s recent article “Does God Have An Unconscious.” What is the western magical tradition?...

Episode 164: Art & Imagination (A Conversation)

  Download MP3 (Right Click "Save Link As") Michael and David continue their inquiry into the importance of Aesthetic Intelligence. The discussion covers Michael’s article Art...

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